Why are we doing this?

Much of the main reason behind us starting this website is explained in the ‘About The Website’ section on the home page. However, we thought it might be a good idea to expand on that information in case anyone had additional questions regarding our focus and future goals of the website.

One of the first sections of the website you’ll likely come across is the ‘Around the Web’ section. We included this section because we didn’t just want Show Your Humanity to include only stories posted on this website. We also wanted to point out all of the other places on the web where people can find great stories about others doing wonderful things. Show Your Humanity is by no means the only website to show such stories, so we thought it would be both important and valuable for visitors if we can achieve some kind of a collection of these news sources and stories.

The next section you will find as you move down the homepage is the ‘Show Your Humanity Stories’ section. Initially, this section will largely include posts that are intended to expand on the idea behind this website and discuss how it may look in the future. Eventually, the ‘Show Your Humanity Stories’ section will include more in-depth discussions of stories from across the world.

There are 9 categories of posts the stories in the above two sections may fall under. These categories include: Above and Beyond, Animals, Business, Celebrities, Not-For-Profit, Kids, Random Acts, Volunteering, and Show Your Humanity. Each of these is discussed in-depth in the Get to know our categories post.

Any questions, comments, or concerns? Please send us a message using our contact form.