Get to know our categories

Many of the categories for Show Your Humanity are relatively straightforward. However, we thought it would be beneficial to explain each category somewhat in-depth and also explain why we thought they were important to add. Below is what we’ve come up with.

Above and beyond

Many people just accept the role that certain service-type occupations play within society. But we can all agree that there exists, to an extent, a minimum amount of responsibility associated with these roles. With this category of posts, we wanted to help point out those service-oriented workers who go beyond what is typically expected from them. This can include anything from police officers to teachers. In keeping with the main goal of this website, we thought this would be a perfectly appropriate category to include.


For the most part, this category is intended to show any story that both follows the idea behind this website and involves animals. The main purpose of this category is to highlight those posts that might be specifically interesting to animal lovers.


The main purpose of this category is to show particular businesses that go beyond what is expected of them in order to help fellow humans. We wanted to have this category, so we could identify those businesses that do more than they really have to do. This category is specifically concerned with organizations and businesses that are for-profit.


Many people have defaults when it comes to how they view celebrities. Some believe they are typically good, while others might believe they are generally bad. Aside from the obvious subjectivity of that statement, we can probably all agree on the occasional goodness of their actions. The purpose of this category is to highlight those celebrities who act or promote actions that go beyond what they would typically be expected to do. This could include any type of charity or fundraising specifically intended to help others.


Similar to the Animals category, this category is focused on any story that specifically involves kids. This could include stories where kids are either on the giving or receiving end of the actions reported.


This category is somewhat similar to the Business category, but only includes organizations that are not-for-profit. That is, they are not concerned with making money. These organizations are typically started to promote awareness of or raise money for specific causes. We definitely thought it would be a good idea to share these types of organizations.

Random acts

We would assume that most people have come across someone who has gone out of their way to help another person. For that reason, we thought it would be a good idea to include a category where we specifically address these types of actions. We have no doubt stories of this nature will be easy to come across.


This section is focused on individuals or groups who choose to volunteer for specific causes. This is similar to the Random Acts category, but is more limited to people who give their time to certain charities and other organizations.

Show Your Humanity

The purpose of this category is to highlight stories regarding this website. This would specifically be limited to any information regarding changes to the website or explanations of how the site may operate.

Well that’s pretty much it. Any questions, comments or concerns? Please send us a message using our contact form.